Chris Butler - drums
Chris Butler led the experimental new wave 1980s band The Waitresses (PolyGram). Butler grew up in the U.S. state of Ohio and majored in sociology at Kent State University. He was among a crowd of students fired on by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. [1] (wikipedia) Butler's biggest project to date is The Waitresses and he penned all of the band's songs, including "I Know What Boys Like", "No Guilt", "Christmas Wrapping", "I Could Rule the World, If I Could Only Get the Parts", and the theme song for the TV sitcom Square Pegs. He holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest pop song recording in history, a 69-minute song entitled "The Devil Glitch". Butler currently lives in New York City. He runs Future Fossil Music/Future Fossil Records. In recent years, Chris has been playing with The Cranks, Half Cleveland, and Purple Knif. Blog = Website =

Bob Moses - bass
Bob Moses is a writer, editor, producer, and musician. A familiar face in Boston music since the early 80s, Bob played guitar with Busted Statues ("Red Clouds", "Heart Upside Down") and bass with Kustomized, which recorded for Matador Records in the 90s. He continues to play in New York, adding mandolin to his repertoire. He was a frequent contributor of music features in The Boston Phoenix, and is the author and editor of several books on music and film. He also created the editorial concept and was the editor of MTV's first newsstand magazine. Bob's new music-related project, an online publication and label called Smoke Music Archives will be launched in early September. He is currently producing, with Don Fleming, R. Stevie Moore's first studio/band recordings.

Willie Alexander - keyboards
Keyboardist Alexander got his start playing in church. Well, not exactly in the actual services. His father was a Baptist minister and Willie would sneak into the church and bang away at the piano. His early influences were Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. From THE LOST, a 60's garage-band that made a couple of records for Capitol, to the psychedelic late-60's BAGATELLE, to a brief stint in the post-Lou Reed VELVET UNDERGROUND, the BOOM BOOM BAND in the punk 70's, which recorded for MCA, to an introspective take on the 80's recording for the FRENCH LABEL NEW ROSE, and renewed band energy in the 90's with the PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY
ORCHESTRA, Willie has maintained a consistently high level of emotional and artistic integrity.

Ken Winokur – percussion
Ken Winokur is director and percussionist for Alloy Orchestra a three man musical ensemble, writing and performing live accompaniment to classic silent films. Alloy has written new scores for 23 feature length silent films. Alloy has toured internationally for almost two decades to such venues as: Lincoln Center, the Academy of Motion Pictures, the Telluride Film Festival, and the Louvre. The group collaborates with prestigious archives and collectors (Paramount Pictures, Film Preservation Associates, and the British Film Archives) to present exceptional silent films in the best way possible. Winokur, along with partner Jane Gillooly, have also formed Box 5, to restore and release silent films.Winokur’s other musical projects include: The Concussion Ensemble, The Bentmen, Roger Miller’s No Man’s Band, and Bam Bam. He has performed on albums and cds with: Morphine, Hal Wilner, and Bim Ska La Bim.

P. Andrew Willis – guitar
P. Andrew Willis is a Boston based composer, producer, and musician. Since relocating from Louisville, Kentucky, he has continued collaborating with his hometown projects Crappy Nightmareville and The Web (Azuza Inkh)
with whom he has recorded, performed and occasionally toured since 1993. Andrew studied music at the University of Louisville and Berklee College of Music. He has scored or contributed music to many film and TV projects including, Errol Morris' First Person and The Fog of War, Laurel Chiten's Twisted, Secrecy and The International Spy Museum.

DJ Pace (aka Pacey Foster) – samples
A multi-instrumentalist with deep hip-hop roots, DJ Pace (aka Pacey Foster) was the turntablist in the Franc Graham Band and the experimental live electronic act Elk which included members of famed Boston keyboard rockers Count Zero/Think Tree. In addition to his work as a turntablist in live bands, DJ Pace has performed as a club and party DJ for over 10 years and brings an academic expertise to his party rocking blends and musical productions. When he is not working on his growing record archive at the Library of Vinyl Experience (, Pace conducts more formal academic research on local cultural industries as an assistant professor of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. His forthcoming article, "Hip-hop in the Hub: How Boston Rap Remained Underground" will be the first published history of Boston's early hip-hop scene.

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